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several Acquity systems


I have been having major injection issues with several Acquity systems. The peak needle is bending out of its "holder". THis is happening sporatically in the middle of several hour runs. The plates are characterized correctly and again it does several injections before the issue is happening. Once it happenswe see a low sample pressure error and the needle is visibly bent out to one side. The Z axis is properly calibrated and the XYZp is also properly calibrated. Has anyone been seeing simialr issues? Waters cannot seem to give us an explanation as to what could be causing this. For the longest time they were leaning towards user error and not caracterizing the correct vial trays. This is not the issue. Any insight would be helpful. We have had many hardware issues with these Acquity systems since purchasing them, and I am curious as to how others feel about the Acquity.

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you

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