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MFD8/MFD12 software update issues?


Um, how do I update my navnet 3d mfd8/12 if I can't login to MyNavNet?
Seriously, I've tried logging in on three different computers, 2 macs and a pc. I get all the way through to hit the "finish" button and it says, "an error occurred. please operate it once again."
I've tried three times each, double checked all the information, filled out all the red asterisk boxes, still, nothing.
Now, really, how do I fix the problem if the system doesn't tell me the problem? Riddle me that. This Furuno web nonsense is really frustrating and annoying. Three separate logins: MyFuruno, MyNavNet, and the Furuno Forum page? I have to go to three separate websites to just. simply. update. the. software. on. my. Furuno. system.
Someone, anyone, please help to straighten this out. Is it possible? Because the website engineers who designed all this are either: incompetent, apathetic or malicious. Possibly both.

Any help will be apprecited.
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