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Anyone heard of a monitor causing a computer to freeze?


I don't know if this makes me sound stupid or desperate, but I'm ready to pull my hair out. Is it possible for a monitor to cause a box to freeze and be completely unresponsive? The reason I'm asking is that I got my wife a Dell Widescreen monitor (S2209W) and she seemed really happy with it. Not too long after I hooked everything up, she started getting random system freezes that would not go away without a reboot. The screen just up and freezes. The cursor doesn't move, the box seems unresponsive to the keyboard, and I can only get back through a hard or soft reset. When I get back into Windows (mostly XP, but I had my first freeze in 7 tonight) and check the event viewer, there's nothing, and I mean nothing out of the ordinary. No errors, no warnings, nothing that would indicate a crash. I thought maybe the power supply, but couldn't fine anything concrete that would point in that direction. I installed Win7 in hopes of seeing if that would help, but I got the first freeze earlier. I'm in the process of backing everything up in the XP install in preparation for a raze and pave, but now I'm not so sure that it's going to help. I have another monitor I could hook up to see if the behavior repeats, but it's an intermittent problem. Sometimes, I can go for 5 or 6 hours or across multiple power cycles with no problem whatsoever. Other times it happens within about half an hour. Anybody got any ideas?

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