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There are many

There are many bosses around us. Every day, he refreshes his own circle of friends, busy with travel, busy with inspections, busy eating, busy with entertainment, busy meetings, busy signing contracts, always living like In the constant toss, it is difficult to stop every night, all kinds of restaurants will have a variety of bosses, talk about it at the table. There is always a theme around which they are, drinking must drink too much. The next day, I forgot the story of yesterday, and then started a new table. When I started a new round of drinking, I always felt that I was a boss, really tired, no matter what I was every day. Willing to be unwilling to go to socializing Cigarettes Online, slowly from the fledgling college students, to now, attending banquets and gatherings more times, but there is a new experience Wholesale Cigarettes. The boss's drink is not just a kind of drinking, but a marketing and strategic need. More often, it is a smoke bomb. He embodies too many people's lives and human accidents Carton Of Cigarettes. It is also a way necessary for survival. It can be used to observe the strategy of making a living from several aspects. Our national culture gives us a special understanding of wine. . Wine is the only way to quickly promote relationships between people and people. Every one of us knows how bad it is to drink. At the time of eating, there will always be people drinking and drinking too much Parliament Cigarettes. I really dont know if I drink too much or fake. In fact, my personal feeling is that this is really the best way to pull in. Each of us drinks more, more or less, and will go out. Don't underestimate this little way, it is like a collateral, can be deeply mortgaged in the hearts of sober friends. Its like a subtext. I have shown you my ugly side. We are solid allies. Do you still believe me? This can be said to be an exchange, or a way of making friends. In short, this is only a simple aspect. When the subordinates and superiors drink alcohol, the boss will always drink less beer and faint. Halo. It is like drinking too much. No more scruples, most people think that the boss at this time did not drink more than just silently observe the reaction of people around him. Or really test this is to do everyone's mind. I think there is also this possibility. Then, is it possible that the boss wants to borrow the power of this wine to display himself in the package, and sometimes it is difficult to open it, but after drinking, his inexplicable will be unscrupulous. Intentionally or unintentionally began to put gold on my body, as if I have not come up with all my strength, the company has been booming, then if I have to take all the strength, you will still be like this now, and the boss is outside Drinking too much is also a hint to the employees. You see my boss, every day has entertainment, what to say. Explain that the network is broad, I can only follow him, I can know a lot of people, the network is an intangible resource, this is also the subtext I think is perhaps this is just a kind of packaging and disguise that I think, or the real answer is very Why do simple bosses drink too much Marlboro Red, or the answer may be that the bosses are busy every day, and their physical abilities are so much, so tired that they drink too much and always drink too much. Perhaps it is too complicated for me to think. Maybe I haven't seen the essence of the problem yet, I think the answer is so much.

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