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stairs. Do you rem

The white clouds floated in the blue sky, depicting a picture of joy Wholesale Cigarettes, because the boat with friendship will have our laughter. Because of friendship, we will help each other. Because of friendship, we will understand the true meaning of our friends. Its funny to meet you, not in school, but in the community square Newport Cigarettes. At that time, some people in the community suddenly picked up a skating wind. Seeing the beautiful appearance of other children in the square, I also begged my father to buy me a pair of roller skates. Unexpectedly, the first time I came to the square, I went out on the floor and fell on the floor. For a moment, a figure slipped lightly to me, and said in an unquestionable tone: "Come, I will teach you!" Then, I stretched out and sat down on the ground, helplessly sighing me. In this way, we live together in a community and we know each other. We will skate together tomorrow night. We are really very good. After the sixth grade, you came to my class. Naturally, our friendship changed from a boat to a big ship. I am inseparable from you. Some students say that I am walking the same way as you. I feel incredible. For a while, my grades were not very good. My father didn't let me go. However, whenever I write homework, you are always looking down at me in the window downstairs. Do you remember? You are afraid of snakes. In the sixth grade, the school organized the picnic, and that time I was with you, we set up the oven in the woods. At that time, the snake was next to you. When I saw it, the hand caught the snake quickly and threw it into the river. You shouted loudly at the time, we changed places immediately, and you were scared. The sixth grade of elementary school ended like this. We went to junior high school. We are the same class. Is it arranged by God? Still coincidentally? In this way, the big ship became a cruise. We started to like to play badminton. Once you fainted while playing, I carried you and went to the infirmary Online Cigarettes. I was worried about you. It turned out to be heatstroke. Fortunately, it is not serious to drink plenty of water. I won the third place in the final exam and got a scholarship. My father rewarded me with some of them. I bought something with you and went to the top of the building. I am eating the "fruit" of success with you, watching in the sky. The little star who blinked his eyes, looking at you, I couldnt help but think: "There is a good time for you to accompany me on the road. With the laughter of childhood, we grow quietly, but I will remember it in mind: our friendship I have always been full of sunshine, friendship has never left, when I think of feelings, I still remember, it is this friendship that accompanied me to the sunny side.
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